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Additional Information
ID#: 714
Ericson , Howard W.
Spouse: Merri Lou
Home Phone: 
Work Phone: 
Cell Phone: 
Howard W. Ericson does not have an email address listed
Personal Status: Deceased
Served Under: Don C. Wood
Dates Served: 10/61

Record Updated: 08/04/2005

HERE IS A BRIEF E-MAIL FROM MERRI LOU. Hi Vern Thank you for your response to my email. Although I appreciate your invitation to attend the reunions without Howard, I will decline as I would not feel comfortable without Howard beside me. You may go ahead and remove our name from the mailing list. Thank you Merri Lou Ericson AT MERRI LOU'S REQUEST, ALL CONTACT INFORMAION HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM OUR WEBSITE.

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